Sunday, July 26, 2009

Starting in 7 weeks...

I am getting very excited to begin the paramedic program, now less than two months away. I have secured my little apartment near the college, have started to pack and am starting to get all the orientation information. It sounds like a busy first semester, I have 8 courses! In university, the max I ever had was 5, so that worries me a bit. Here is an overview of my courses and my thoughts on them, since I've been fighting bronchitis for the last 2 months and haven't done anything remotely exciting in the field.

Writing Skills
Not too worried about this one, I think I know how to read and write very well. I've read hundreds of journal articles and written reviews of them, done presentations in front of scads of people and have written massively long reports and essays. I think I should be ok in this course.

Phys. Ed
This concerns me the most of any course, actually. I've been sick for 2 months and hve done very little physical activity, my lung capacity is next to nothing and my muscles have all but atrophied. It will take some hard work, but I know I can build my strength and cardio back up and become a red-headed powerhouse again. ....I hope.

Assessment and Treatment Skills
I am looking forward to this, I love patient assessment, I love learning about the body and everything that can go wrong. I think my enthusiasm for this course should serve me well and it won't be too difficult.

Patient Care Lab
Hopefully my volunteer experiences in patient care will give me an edge here, but I know I have a lot to learn to enhance my skill set. There is a 190 lb lifting portion to this course that I will have to work on, but I can do it.

Medical Legal
This course studies all the regulations governing ambulances and paramedics in the province, especially concerning patient care and privacy. I wonder where this blog fits into that....?

Intro Psychology
I've taken several university psych courses, but I'm interested to see the slant towards paramedicine that will happen in this course. Shouldn't be difficult, given my background, but it will be fascinating.

AWESOME!!! I can't wait for this, I want to be out in those trucks right now! Haha, I'm not eager at all...

Anatomy and Physiology
Cells, tissues, organs, microbiology and diseases, bring it ON! My favourite course in university was an amazing A&P course in 2nd year, the prof was amazing and I learned a lot. This course should be great, I'm looking forward to it as well.

Well, there is an overview of everything I'm doing in 7 weeks...not that I'm counting, or anything. ;) Basically, I'm a little worried about the physical portion, not too worried about the academic portion and awesomely excited about it all. Now I just need to spend 800 bucks on textbooks and hope my 8-year old computer doesn't fry. Gotta love school though!