Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two years

Two years ago when we started this program, our professors told us that by the time we finished, we would be different people. We would speak differently, act differently and view the world differently. Change is inevitable after learning all we have and seeing all we have.

In the last two years, I have made some amazing friends, as well as realized that it's okay not to like everyone. I have seen beautiful babies born to ecstatic parents, and walked into a heart-rending scene where a father decided he and his infant son should no longer live. I have held my father's hand as he passed away, my fingers on his weakening pulse as my family cried around us. I have comforted those who have experienced the same, while holding back my own tears at the memory. I have married a wonderful man and adopted an adorable, if not crazy, black lab.

In two years, almost everything in my life has indeed changed. I am a changed person, I do indeed speak, act and think differently. I am incredibly glad to be done so I can start my career, start making money again, and break free of school. I will miss the people though, I love my classmates, my teachers and my preceptor. Wonderful, wonderful people who have walked with me through the last two years, it will be sad when we have to say goodbye.