Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazing Story

My favourite blog authors have come up with another 'Perspectives' post, it is definitely worth reading. Start with Lawdog the police officer, then move to Ambulance Driver the paramedic and Babs the nurse. Make sure to have Kleenex handy, I still haven't stopped crying. Great writing, a touching story.


Babs said...

:) Thank you.

Ambulance Driver said...

Thanks, Red! I appreciate the kind words.

Jill Pole said...

That was a great story. I had tears in my eyes during Babs' bit, for sure. Thanks for the linky!

(Also, I think it's cool that AD and Babs commented! Perhaps you will get some reciprocated linky love?)

Red said...

Thanks for the comments! I agree with Jill, that is very cool. :D

And I already have from AD, Jill!!!

Jill Pole said...

Conga Rats on that one! I'd missed it. Is that recent? :D :D :D

You deserve more readers. ;)