Monday, January 19, 2009

Politics and Patients

Standing on the balcony and watching the milling theatre crowd below, I am struck by a sudden realization. The politics don't matter, I can deal with the issues and squabbles that have plagued us recently, because I do this for good, unchanging reasons. I do it for the people below me, for the experience and joy of treating a patient, to help a person out in their moment of need. I can look every single person here in the eye and say, "I do this for YOU." I experience a new pride in the crest on my sleeve, a renewed joy at the rank on my shoulder, a feeling of fulfillment and joy in my job. I do this for the patients, they are what matter, nothing else, and I will stick with it.

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Jill Pole said...

I completely forgot about the politics over the Christmas break, so I'm glad to hear you've got some peace about that.