Thursday, November 26, 2009

EMS: Earn Money Sleeping

I recently finished my 2 observational rideout shifts with an EMS service, and I gotta say, the Earn Money Sleeping quip certainly is true. Both shifts were at night, the first one we did nothing, the second was busy until 2:00, then quiet.

I am disappointed in the number of calls we did because I want to see more, I want to do more. I have classmates who have assisted with a childbirth, MVCs, even one who did CPR on a VSA that they eventually got back - fully conscious and talking with no permanent deficits. Ah well, I will get my chance. I made a good impression on both my preceptors and had a lot of fun.

I don't want to go back to studying now - I want to keep working on the trucks. I did realize how much more I need to learn though, so back to studying I must go.


elbowmedic said...

ha that is funny when i was in medic school i had a month of no hitters. i felt like i couldn't buy an als call. then i had 2 months where no pfi (paramedic field instructor) would work with me cause of the carnage that i would bring to town. 3 tubes on one 8 hour shift so hang in there red.

Red said...

Thanks, elbowmedic!

I'm sure I'll get something next a broken pinky or a stubbed toe.