Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Different Worlds

How do I explain to my non-EMS family and friends what I see and how I am able to deal with it? How do I explain that I don't lose sleep over the teenage overdose patient without sounding cold and heartless? Can I ever explain my way of thinking?

Can I explain that if I did let these things bother me, I would never be able to do this job? Is it possible to show them that I care for my patients deeply and fully when with them, then largely forget them when I walk through the door? Will they ever understand that I simply can't work on the next patient if the previous one still has me by the heartstrings?

Sometimes I don't think they will ever get it, but I hate it when they assume I'm uncaring and heartless. I could not do this if I cared less than I do or had a smaller heart.

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Anonymous said...

Your attitude is the right one.
You have to be the same as a nurse in the ICU that cares for a patient only to see them die and yet the next one get better and go home. Not getting calous or caring too much.
You need to care for the needs of the patient and only go as far as your own personality will allow you to go where caring too much is concerned, limiting any mental or emotional pain in yourself.
Keep up the good work Red and your doing fine.