Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reading Material

Since I haven't been working a lot lately, I've been reading everything I can get my hands on. A little bit of an addiction, really. My favourite books are ones written by medical professionals, all across the spectrum of medicine. I am running out of bookshelves, however!

The first one of this genre that I read was Peter Canning's first book, Paramedic, about 10 years ago. It made me want to be a paramedic more than anything, I read it cover to cover multiple times, ending up with large portions memorized. His book taught me about the medications and equipment that we use, enough so that I was able to intelligently answer questions in my first few classes. It's always a classic I pull out when I want to read something familiar.

Kelly Grayson's book, Life, death, and everything in between had me, quite literally, rolling on the ground laughing. I read it right after I finished university exams one year, in a public park under a gigantic lilac tree. I got some weird looks from pedestrians when I burst out laughing, but man, I loved that book. It showed me the ridiculous side of EMS, peppered with a lot of heart and emotion. I re-read this book (and/or the re-print En Route) when I have start taking myself too seriously and need to laugh.

Books by doctors are always ones I turn to when I want to be inspired. I love their drive for knowledge and excellence, and they remind me that I can always learn more. Ben Carson's book Gifted Hands never fails to inspire me, and remind me what faith in God can accomplish. I recently finished Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs, a book written by Michael Collins, a surgeon who worked as a construction worker for several years. Books like those make me think that going to medical school someday would not be that much of a stretch.

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