Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unconscious Drunk Guys are Heavy.

Working mostly weekend nights I'm seeing a lot of intoxication and the resultant stupidity. If I did drink, I think that seeing the incredibly moronic behaviour that results would turn me off for good! One thing that all drunk guys should learn is that talking to another guy's girlfriend usually results in said guy attempting to rearrange your face. When standing in front of a cement ledge, it tends to get a lot worse on the way down.

When we got there, 250 lbs of intoxication was laying neatly on the sidewalk, rolled in the perfect recovery position by a bystander who was concerned about the blood gurgling out of his mouth. I do love it when people do first aid before I arrive, it makes me feel like teaching first aid classes during the week is making a difference.

We ended up doing a rather messy lift once he was backboarded and on stretcher, and as a result, it ended up impacting against my leg rather hard. I don't bruise easily, but when I do, it looks bad! For scale, it's the size of my hand.


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