Friday, February 15, 2013

Days vs. Nights

I hate day shifts. With a passion. Days are loud and bright, with far too many people getting in the way on a scene, and far too many idiots on the road.  Far too hot in the summertime as well. The calls are different too, more nursing homes and fender-bender neck pain. Many of the full-timers on day shifts are older, more burnt out and crankier too.

Nights are much more fun. I like the younger group of medics and the more relaxed atmosphere. There is a greater feeling of camaraderie among the medics, nurses, fire and police too, it's us against the night.  I prefer the drunks, ODs and assault calls, and I love going home and curling into bed when the rest of the world is just waking up. Driving Code 4 is also much more fun and much easier at 3am when the roads are empty and the intersections are clear. Nights are definitely my time, too bad I'm on days all weekend.

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