Sunday, December 15, 2013

White Cloud

I have always been a white cloud, meaning I get far fewer serious calls than average. As a student, I didn't complete my cardiac call requirements until my very last call on my last possible shift, and I didn't have my first workable VSA patient until 6 months into work. In my last 6 shifts, I've done  fewer than 10 calls. Our average is usually 6-8 calls a shift, not 1-2.

I don't wish harm on anybody by any means, but I'm getting bored!! Is it too much to ask that I merely be able to use my skills? I seriously wonder when or if I will be able to become an ACP if I can't say that I've at least used all my PCP skills. I'm sure it will come in time, I'll just have to take joy in the fact that people stay safe when I'm at work.

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