Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adjusting Well

I'm well into the first month and all I can say now is that I love it! I know where everything is, what is expected, and what I need to be doing. I have made amazing friends that are just as passionate about this as I am. It is the best academic experience I've ever had, I'm challenged mentally and physically and thrive on it.

I've realized that my background has prepared me well for this program, and although it is difficult and a lot of work, I can and will succeed. I've never been so excited about school before - it's incredible.

I'm learning a lot about the field of paramedicine, and realizing that the possibilities are endless and I want to do it all. Being a tactical medic with the police would be amazing, but so would a community medic in Northern Canada. I could end up teaching these courses, be a manager or supervisor, or thrive on the everyday calls out on the truck. I love the opportunities I'm discovering, I love the friends I've made, and I love my program. My professors are inspirational, hilarious and knowledgeable, I try to soak up every word in class. The fitness teacher is lovably sadistic, as my weeping muscles will readily attest to.

Thanks to my friends and family members who offered me encouragement and support in the last few weeks during the adjustment period, as well as medic7. Thanks for the uplifting comment! I'm tackling this program with all my energy, it's an experience of a lifetime leading to an incredible career.


Medic7 said...

See? I told you. :)

Knock 'em dead. Errr, not really dead.

You know what I mean.

Red said...

Delayed response, I know, but thanks, Medic7! :D