Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slightly Overwhelmed

Paramedic school has begun, and after having course outlines, objectives and expectations thrown at me relentlessly, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed. I just don't know where to start it seems, I feel like I'm behind before we've even begun.

The more I look over what we will be learning, the more I realize what I don't know. I think I am a good, solid MFR, but that doesn't translate to a thing in this strange realm. Everything is taken to another level, a million steps further, and my comfort zone has been blown out of the water. I have spent the last few days realizing that I don't know squat.

I think I'll feel a little more confident soon, or at least I hope so. I need to get all my textbooks, my uniform, my immunizations, all my stuff organized and ready to go. I'm still excited, but that feeling of excitement tends to get snuffed out in waves of panic and the fear of failure.

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Medic7 said...

Take a deep breath and relax. Now, think about all of the people you know that are paramedics. Chances are you're smarter than several of them. They made it through class. You will too. :) No worries. Relax and work on organization.